1. skyttyl

    Hello everyone

    My name is Brian. I am a Youtube content creator who has been working on a Bible Study series and am looking for avenues to get this series out so Christians can watch them. I make no money on these videos; they aren't monetized, I make them because I want to further the Kingdom of God.
  2. ChrisRyan

    Men's Bible Study

    My Grace is Sufficient One of the many privileges I have as a chaplain is to help those going through difficulties with the Word of God. Recently one of my board member’s best friend died. After sharing my condolences, the board member asked for any thoughts I could give him regarding the...
  3. ChrisRyan


    Silence and Centering Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; - PSA 37:7 Confession: O Lord, we confess that we believe we are fully yours until we turn the page of the Bible and discover some teaching that we either we don’t like, don’t understand or with which we simply...
  4. ChrisRyan


    Greetings all, I will continue to try something new on this forum. I would like to see if we can engage in a Bible study using the forums. I hope to simulate a small group setting, this is open to everyone. 1) We are attempting to work our way through the gospel of Luke. 2) We will not...