1. Loon Watchman

    The power of Thanksgiving!

    A short video I made about the power of thanksgiving. Based on Philippians 4:6,7.
  2. Loon Watchman

    Gratitude and clarity...

  3. Blessed4JC

    Thank You Jesus for Healing

    I want to give Almighty God the Glory, Honour and Praise and acknowledge Him as my Jehovah Rapha. :D:):LOL: In mid February this year I went for surgery to my Hip and the surgery was a success.:):D. Thank You Jesus! This is my 6th week of recovery and I have to admit that straight after coming...
  4. 5Wolves

    What a refreshing atmosphere it is to have this community to call home on the net :)

    I've been on the road with work for the last few days. When I had a bit of spare time I would browse search engines looking for Christians in community to see if I might occupy my time in more than one forum. I tell you that there is a very great positive to have a forum like this that is for...