1. Romans_8

    Heaven's Stairway

    Heaven's Stairway Climbing a stairway to heaven isn't an easy thing. Sometimes you'll feel like crying, sometimes you'll want to sing. Things of this world, so alluring, trying to draw you back. If on Me you stay focused, I'll keep you right on track. The rungs are set out of balance, with...
  2. Romans_8

    Pure Love

    Pure Love God is Love, Love Sublime. My God has loved me through all time. A love so deep, so wide, so true, I cannot fathom it. Can you? I search for Him, stumble, fall And just for me He gave His all. He gently beckons, come, each day. Things of this life, they call, I stray. Patiently He...
  3. R

    My poetry

    First post I've been working on poetry for the last two years and would like to share some here now and again. Home as I'll ever be Seemlessly wanted the scenery and got all the symbolism literally its not like there was a place where I could stand to be the subject of anothers gaze as I was...