1. C

    Pl pray for our out reach teams

    Dear brethren here is prayer request.. we have planned to have some gospel camps and gospel crusades in 20 different villages and towns to reach and work in next 2 months.. we need your prayers help we request you all to pray for these matters I am adding few requests for prayers here 1. in all...
  2. C

    Just new here, for better fellowship

    I am 54 y old.. brother in Jesus from India.. where many million idol Gods getting worships.. but i am worshiping true God who send His son to shed blood for my sins.. i was born again.. shepherd to three churches, bible teacher to our Bible college, leader/elder for this ministry where other...
  3. SueJLove

    Teach Them

    May 24, 2012: I was praying for various people I love who are still blinded by sin’s deceitfulness. My heart was heavy with care and concern for their lives. I began praying this first verse to the Lord, which is actually Jesus’ commission to Paul as recorded in Acts 26:16-18, before it actually...