“free Born”

The believer often encounters exchanges with the “old man” (sinful nature) which the Enemy uses for attack. This may cause a weakening in strength but never failure in success. What Christ has done (there is nothing else to be done concerning our procurement in Christ—“it is finished” - John 19:30) eternally procured our place in His Father. We should remember that our learning will always include “enduring hardness” (2 Tim 2:3), which involves being patient (for deliverance) and humble (in pridefulness). Our personal fellowship with God will continue to progress because our union with the Father in Christ (Col 3:3) is unalterable (Rom 11:29).

The strength of our endurance in the Lord Jesus Christ will be determined by the level at which we are “Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you” (1 Pet 5:7), and this care-casting will be determined by the way we consider His care for us. His care is not proportional to our self-evaluation, but to His value concerning those who are His. This is exemplified by what has been well said, that “love (esp. His) does not function according to the quality of its object, but according to its nature.”

- NC