“let My People Go”!

by Esther Korson
Between 1980 and 1985, in the old Andropov and Brezhnev days, I used to travel to the former Soviet Union. Travelling there alone (but with a great big God), I would stay each year for three weeks so that I could be in Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad respectively for the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and then Simchat Torah. While there, I did lots of things that could have been potentially dangerous, to be sure.

The first time, however, that someone commented that I was really brave, that statement shocked me to the core. “I’m not brave at all!” I exclaimed. “I’d rather be in the Soviet Union doing dangerous things in God’s will—than anywhere else in the world outside of His will! The place of safety is in doing what God asks us to do!” And I meant that with all my heart.

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