1 Kings 2:36-38

1 Kings 2:36-38 King James Version (KJV)

36 And the king sent and called for Shimei, and said unto him, Build thee an house in Jerusalem, and dwell there, and go not forth thence any whither.

37 For it shall be, that on the day thou goest out, and passest over the brook Kidron, thou shalt know for certain that thou shalt surely die: thy blood shall be upon thine own head.

38 And Shimei said unto the king, The saying is good: as my lord the king hath said, so will thy servant do. And Shimei dwelt in Jerusalem many days.

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36 Then the king called Semei and said to him: 'You may build yourself a house in JeruSalem and live there… but don't leave it! 37 For I want you to know that on the day you cross the Cedar (Kidron) Valley, you're going to die, and your blood will be on your own head.'

38 And Semei said to the king: 'What you've said is good, O my lord the king; and that's what your servant will do.' Then the king made him swear an oath to this.

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36 Solomon may wanted to keep an eye on him or even protect him or could have told this him based on something a prophet told him from God. Jerusalem would be the place where Solomon would have the temple built but it was not yet built there.

37 This is not a threat but him just letting him know it may have been a warning based on what Solomon was told, or may have been a warning for what others may have done to him or may have been a warning that if Solomon can not keep an eye on him then he will die so not to cause trouble.

38 He took the king’s advice but often times we only listen to others until t no longer benefits us but, we need to listen to God regardless of what we think because He will always have done what is best even if it is better that it help someone else.