1 Kings 6:33-36

1 Kings 6:33-36 King James Version (KJV)
33 So also made he for the door of the temple posts of olive tree, a fourth part of the wall.

34 And the two doors were of fir tree: the two leaves of the one door were folding, and the two leaves of the other door were folding.

35 And he carved thereon cherubims and palm trees and open flowers: and covered them with gold fitted upon the carved work.

36 And he built the inner court with three rows of hewed stone, and a row of cedar beams.

1 Kings 6:33-36

BBE33Then he made pillars of olive-wood for the way into the Temple; the pillars were square:34And two folding doors of cypress-wood, with two leaves.35These were ornamented with designs of winged ones and palm-trees and open flowers, plated over with gold.36 And the inner space was walled with three lines of squared stones and a line of cedar-wood boards.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.
33 Olive wood would have been the type of wood that would be commonly used for building in this area of the world and it being the inner building it did not have to be a stronger wood because the outer building would prevent this from falling down due disaster.
34 The door was made of a different wood, this may be because of the moving parts on it.
35 It may have also been a different type of wood simply so they could cut these decorations into it. Palm branches were laid down when Jesus came into Jerusalem for His last Passover so they had been symbolize royalty and maybe Solomon knowing even though he is king he knows who his Lord is. Cherubim were always within God’s presence so it shows God was in the temple.
36 He puts stone inside this show how important this part truly was, stone lasts much longer than wood.