1 Kings 7:10-12

1 Kings 7:10-12 King James Version (KJV)
10 And the foundation was of costly stones, even great stones, stones of ten cubits, and stones of eight cubits.

11 And above were costly stones, after the measures of hewed stones, and cedars.

12 And the great court round about was with three rows of hewed stones, and a row of cedar beams, both for the inner court of the house of the Lord, and for the porch of the house.

1 Kings 7:10-12

BBE 10 And the base was of great masses of highly priced stone, some ten cubits and some eight cubits square. 11 Overhead were highly priced stones cut to measure, and cedar-wood. 12 The great outer square all round was walled with three lines of squared stones and a line of cedar-wood boards, round about the open square inside the house of the Lord and the covered room of the king's house.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.

10 These stones are not mentioned what they are stones could be valuable because or rarity or because of it being one of the precious stones, the stones also perhaps could have been valuable because of their great size large stones are not as easy to come by as many small stones. What type of stones are we building ourselves with, stones from the Lord or from this world?

11 So again more stones of worth, these are not anything more then for the flooring, to want to walk on things of worth here does not show that money means nothing but shows his wealth. Heaven is paved with streets of gold because gold does not mean anything there, it meant much to Solomon.

12 Solomon is building his home you got to think which did he want to build more his home or the house of God. Are we as Christians trying to build ourselves up as much as we try to build up God?