12 months of the year,12,top of the clock.12 tribes of israel.bible 1 covenant then 2.12 apostles.Gods commands 2 tablets 1 covenant.jesus with God on earth.a foot 12 inches.the list is endless.what do you think about 12.?
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And yes I do believe that they are signifigant.
For examle, there were the twelve apostles that became the New Testament representatives of the congregation or the children of God,

Twelve tribes of Israel.

12X12 is 144.

1,000 represents completion.

144 X 1,000 gives us the 144,000 we find in Revelation.

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Keep reading your Bible!!
all depends how you look at such events,jesus was perfected on the 3rd day.jonah asked for help on the 3rd day.but how do you see this .God will save you on the 3rd day.or repentance saves you.lots of information to think about.
1 bible 2 books.1 breath 2 lungs.1 walk 2 feet.1 sight 2 eyes.1 brain 2 sides.1 heart 2 sides.1 kneeling 2 knees.lol you have no idea or just pretending.:read-bible:
I don't really know, I think 12 is a number that points at Israël.

12 tribes, the twelve tribes will be represented by the 144000 in Revelation.

and maybe, are the 12 disciple's, excactly 12, to point at israël.