2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

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I read somewhere its gonna be cooler till around 2013 then warming up after that.Cant remember why though.:confused:
I personally see nothing wrong with protecting the environment. Yet I cannot stand radical environmentalists or those radical PETA people. You can help the environment and animals - however you don't have to endanger other people - and animals - for the sake of it.

I however, do not believe in global warming. It was being pushed to much by the media and there was unneeded hysteria over it. The Earth has gone through plenty of hot-to-cold cycles, and I am not trying to say I am an expert! I am not. It's God's planet, His trees, His animals...He cares for it just as much as we do and is in control of the weather, not us. I just put it in His hands. :D



Just kidding :D. But nature was made for man not man for nature.