2nd mum

Jan 5, 2009
2nd mum

Is it wrong to treat an older member of my church like a 2nd mum, a few people know i feel like this towards a person including the person herself and she has nothing wrong with it, but other people do and say i should be happy with the mum god gave me. Me and my mum have never had a strong bond with each other and she isnt really a chrisitian, and i dont confide in her like most daughters do there mum. But over the last 6 months i have really been talking to and really confiding in an older member of my church and i seem like i can tell her anything and she is there for me, and she even tells me a few things, is it really wrong?​
Dear jesuslivesinme, as I read through your post it really grabbed my heart. It is so sad that your relationship is not that well with your mom. What I am going to say is not to break you down but to help you. I think it is really important that you should try to re-establish your relationship with your mom. The Word clearly expects from us to honor our parents which means to give them the respect etc they deserve. It does not mean however that we always approve of what they are doing especially if they are on the wrong track! In your case to honor your parents would mean to pray for your mom and concentrate on her good qualities. Remember that your mom is also a product of her upbringing and if you really go and sit down with her and talk to her, you might find out that she had a lot of disappointments in her life. You must always remember that Jesus never turned any one down or rejected them on account of their sin. He didn't approve of their sin but He knew, given some time, the love of His Father could change any person no matter what. You feel like you've been handed a raw deal. Don't think like that. Think of what Jesus would have done if He was in your situation. And if you don't know ask Him because He was tempted in all situations like we were! Your love, kindness and prayers for your mom will give God the opportunity to bring healing and deliverance in the life of your mom. She cannot change herself - only her Maker! And at this stage the evil one has destroyed something, some one very special and very dear to the Lord and you know what, you are the hands, feet etc of Jesus to bring healing and to allow Jesus through you to calm the storm in the life of your mom! So please allow the Lord you use you in a mighty way. Regarding your friendship with the older member of your church, I don't see it as wrong but always remember that anything or any one that is more important in my life than the Lord Jesus is wrong. It is good to have a mentor, but this mentor must be able to point you towards the Lord on the end of the day, otherwise he/she is building his/her own kingdom and not the Lord's. My prayer for you is that the Lord will give you wisdom, courage and a lot of patience. That He will teach you to look with the eyes of Jesus, to year with the ears of Jesus and a heart that will be able to understand the way the heart of Jesus understands! Many blessings to you!
Yours in His service