40 Day Water Fasts


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I have done it. It is really, really hard on the physical body. There are some special Biblical diets that can help you prepare for it, but it's not something I generally recommend at that level. A juice fast is much safer/healthier in general and the real reason we fast is to seek the clarity of God's wisdom.
Don't remember if I made it 33 or 38 days-thinking the former; but it was more of a liquid fast-not just water. If I remember right it was water & OJ for the most part-with bullion broth mixed in. Definitely cleaned out the system, but I wouldn't recommend it. Probably did more harm than good. 7 days would be a tough and more than enough. What is the end game goal of said fast?
I have undertaken several 7 day water/juice fasts. I highly recommend it. Your primary goal must be spiritual or you will miss the blessings of the fast. You will get clean, mind, body, and spirit. I'm working up to a 40 day fast. cru.org has great resources concerning fasting. It will not ruin your health, quite the opposite effect. Humble yourself, seek God, and you will be blessed.
Thanks all.

I lasted on water alone till day 19 and a bit. Best thing I have ever done for my health. (Finished about 2 weeks ago)

I understand that medically, tremendous things happen to the body on water fasts.

For instance, once the body has "eaten" up its immediate fat reserves, it shifts into the 2nd last stage (before starvation)
-it starts eating all the dead, defunct, sick cells up.

If you reach this stage, its not unheard of to hear fibroids just disappearing - ofcourse the body ate up the fibroids/(even some say cancer) - for energy.

For me personally, I aimed for 40 but told myself that if I ever feel anything really weird, and too uncomfortable to bear, I would either mix honey and sea salt to create electrolytes, or I would throw in the towel. I was aware of my body being that with this sort of thing
you have to be under supervision - I wasn't.

To cut a long story short on days 16 onwards I started experiencing heart palpitations. Some fasting gurus say this is ok because the heart also resets itself via its rhythmic whatever. But some said its a sign of low potassium. Either way, I made up my mind when I read on some website that "are you willing to take the chance?" and I wasn't willing to take that chance. My heart kept freaking me out.

So I stopped. Properly. You just cant eat a 5 course meal after a fast - it can be dangerous / life-threatening.

You cant have salt either after a period like this. Trust me I tried it and my feet swelled!

Broke it by drinking after midnight diluted juice then slept and ate an orange then every two hours juice and fruit alternatively. Only one type of fruit at a time.

Some say the fibre from consuming actual fruit / soft fruit is better because it absorbs slower into the colon preventing sugar shock.

Then also don't eat too many sweet things in the period that you are reintroducing food because apparently later on you can be addicted to sugar. So after stomach was solid enough for foods I started just eating soups (lentils, spinach, hake, all things natural)

I never weighed myself before or after my fast. Even till today. I did not do it for looks or anything. It was purely spiritual and I felt I wanted to be closer to the Lord. That was purely it.

However, I got benefits. My metabolic rate was rebooted. There was a time when it would respond to anything. This was not too long ago. I wouldn't eat all day and then if I ate a slice of bread I would gain weight next morning!

If I ate fruit and drank water, I would be the same - frustrating.

Now after my fast, I only crave real food. Ate white bread for the first time yesterday, I had to spit out the first bite! Tasted like cardboard. Only drink clean water, fish, lentils, clean meat and chicken, fruits, yoghurt, raisins.

Lost weight too. People say I look like a model. It wasn't on purpose.

I wanted Christ. And I did feel like a lot of spiritual issues I had died in that fast. It was relieving, because I knew nothing else that was powerful to get rid of them. Not prayer not whatever.

"This one comes out only by fasting and prayer" the bible says.

I just feel fasting takes you into a higher echelon that nothing else really would. The amount of things cleared because of fasts can be uncountable. Its one of the greatest thing you can ever do to draw closer to God or fight some spiritual battles.

Its a sacrifice and costs you a lot, but it is sooo worth it.

On completing a whole 40 Day fast? Don't know if its for me. I can tell you that some people in days 33 onwards experienced what tasted like bitter medicine in their mouths - the guy I read about broke it as it became unbearable.

From what I know, for some (medium to low weight people) it could mean your body has entered the last stage, starvation, whereby it starts to eat itself. The chemical reactions from the breaking down of those proteins will set off that taste in your mouth.

Before I broke my fast, I called my pastor (was talking to him about daily on this fast) and I told him I cant no more. He said to come over to prayer meeting and I did, and they prayed for me nicely and at midnight I went home and broke from there.

Pastor said you don't have to be so religious and just put yourself through for the sake of a number. It could be the reason you needed to fast, that that work is done. But lets find out via prayer to God.

We did, and many things around me confirmed that the purpose/s for which I sort the fast where complete.

Thank you Father, for making it possible. I love you and just want more of you really. I love you so much Lord. You are so worth it.