Could it somehow be related to your age and date of birth????

45 on the 6th of Feb???

Or is it 26 on the 5th of April???

no idea
It represents how many shares of Coke you own and in that case, how about lending me a couple hundred g's, eh?:D I'll pay you back when my "number" goes up!:D



It has to do with something most of us do daily, online and I am not proud of it, rather embarrassed!



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First thought was number of posts, but you have posted much more than that here. Maybe emails or PMs?


You got it Ban....unanswered emails!
Shame on me!
They aren't the ones in my spam folder either~:blink::sad::blush:
You mean to tell me you have 4 thousand five hundred and twenty six unanswered e-mails? Ok, someone get over to Kimmie's house with a large pot of freshly brewed coffee, 3 caffeine injectable viles and 1 canister of oxygen STAT!


I would, but I live too far and I have to go grocery shopping for tomorrow! What?! Don't any of you leave things 'till the last moment? Geez!:D