5000 year leap, Great Book

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5000 year leap, Great Book

Hi all, I was recommended this book by a friend at work. He is big into history, current events and such, thus what this book is about. Doesn't strike me as a Christian. But that view has now changed based on this book he recommended.

The book is The 5000 Year Leap, the miracle that changed the world. It is based on the 28 principles the United States founding fathers used to write the Constitution. In and of itself it is a great history book that all Americans should read, a lot of history that isn't taught in public schools.

The book has one huge over tone, GOD. It shows that in all 28 ideals the founding fathers used God was in the process, and shows where God has been taken out and the effects it has caused.

It is a good read, and a compelling one. I think all Americans should read this book, at the very least the ones that we have voted into office. After reading this book I see how badly God needs to be put back into our country. Please read this book.

The Minister