8/8/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “A Difference In A Day”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
8/8/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “A Difference In A Day” Genesis 2:1-3, Exodus 20:8-10

Seventh Day Baptists are Saturday Baptists. The Sabbath is not just the hour we are in church service but it is the whole day of Saturday. Maybe you should meditate, read the scriptures that pertain to the Sabbath to fully understand. In Genesis chapter one, God created the Earth. Today we are not going to debate the Creation of God and the science of evolution. Today we need to look at: God is the Creator, see the Power of God’s Word and see the boundaries of His Creation. The Day & Night and the Sun & Moon boundaries. At the end, God was very satisfied with what He had made. He said it was good and very good.

In our scripture, it says that God completed His work. He completed it, He topped it off like when filling up car gas. There was no more room for creation and it was done, completed. The Seventh day is the 7th day, not the 3rd day or the 5th day. We are talking about the seventh day and not the 1st day. If we are talking about the 7th day then we are not talking about No day or Any day. We are talking about the Seventh day.

The seventh day was created by God and He did nothing on this day but rest, bless and sanctify the 7th day. This is the reality of our Seventh day. In Genesis it does not give the Seventh day any boundaries, evening or morning. Its eternal and we should enter into the rest of God every day. In our Genesis text, the word Sabbath does not appear but it does appear in Exodus 20:8-10. It says God created the Earth in six days and the seventh day is the Sabbath, the day that God rested. In the Genesis text when it says God rested, was God tired or worn out? No! He rested because He had ceased the work of creation. A mechanic working on cars knows what it is to cease from working. An office worker shuffling papers knows what it is to cease from working. God ceased working because the creation week was completed. God rested from creating but was continuing to keep the universe running. In the book of Colossians it say God keeps everything together.
  • God Rested on the Sabbath: After God created a place for his people, Adam & Eve, He rested. He had created a place of worship for them and when God had completed it, He then rested.

  • God Blessed the Sabbath: He made the Sabbath happy. God happytized it and made it wonderful and beautiful. If the Sabbath is not happytized in your life then it’s on you to change that.

  • God Sanctified the Sabbath: He made it separate and sacred. It was more than a mundane, secular or ordinary day. It is set apart and sanctified. If it is not that to us then it’s not God’s fault.
God gave us a model to follow in that He himself rested on the Sabbath. We are to believe that it is a Blessed and Holy day from God. The Sabbath is a gift from God.