A Christmas Thought

At this time of the year, the world and Christians in particular stop, gather and give praise and thanks to the baby Jesus.
We thank Him for love, life and the hope of glory. That little baby was God's gift to humanity that through Him we would be able to go home and be with the Lord someday.

No as we grow older, the days grow shorter, and the pain gets stronger, I think we all realize that we can not do or think like we used to. I don't know about all of you, but don't you get that longing deep down in your soul to go home?

I think back to when I used to play in the yard with my friends, even before there were telephones in our house, then from the back porch my father would call out ............."Come on home son, it's supper time".

Some of my fondest memories revolve around supper time. My mom and dad along with the other kids eating and talking. Saying please and thanks and most of all my dad saying the prayer of thanks. Now for me, and I am speaking only for me,
this is the time of year when time has woven a realization of truth to me and that is when that grown up little baby in a manger, has now, as a glorified man, mounted HIs white horse and comes through the portals of glory and says .................
"Come on home my child, it is supper time".

Then we who are believers in that little baby Jesus, will gather around the supper table in heaven with our heavenly Father!!

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, the king of glory and Saviour of all humanity.

Happy Jesus birthday to all of you!

but don't you get that longing deep down in your soul to go home?
Hi Major,
I must admit I have had that desire deeply in many times of my life.
Then I saw it, I was totally being selfish.
I had not arived at His perfection and I had not gotten to the place where I had finished my course and had done all that God had set forth for me to do.

This brought me to see that no matter how deeply I longed to just get home, I was indeed passing off my work for others to do. We all have things we are supposed to get done and when we leave early it leaves our work for others to do.

Lol brother I don't know about you but I don't want a bunch of brothers coming over to my mansion and asking me what was the big idea about leaving my work for them to do. Rofl...