A Clear View Of The Hebrew Christian Movement.

I will be as positive as can be about the truth about this observance scriptures.

A misunderstanding can lead to strife, contention, and division. That is the whole issue and spirit of what Jesus was dealing with when he came to earth. One of the difficulties is there are certain issues in the bible that take more than a few words to discuss, this is one of them.

It all starts with God choosing Abraham and making him and his descendants, a special, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS< people. They were like Noah and family. a new beginning. God had to train them like he does disciples. Not everyone is called to teach, so God appointed the leaders. If it was to hard, he put his Holy Spirit, (nothing new) on them. Such as the 70 elders who helped Moses.

The Hebrew people , were taught the bible---Torah and they knew it by memory, upon the punishment of death if disobey. They were very proud of what they were and knew that at that time were his chosen. Why not ---they served a great God who stood for them and was feared by their enemies.

I have visited churches in the past who had a great preacher. Their attitude was we are special and elite, and you are priviledged to be here. Jews were like that when in Israel. They had the great God and covenant. I have at times in the past thought I was special being had been sitting under greatest preachers in the world. God humbles us when we see how little we are. Pride spoils our fellowship with God so we must stay humble. Humble is great because being in fellowship with God leaves no room for foolishness.
He is to be feared and enjoyed at the same time.

To know God and not have his Spirit---though we find some think they have it, He can be grieved and seems far away when need him. Teachers we some times hear are evil in their hearts. Holy Spirit is dealing with some.

See how the curse is arising again?? God came down to the tower of Babel and changed their languages as a curse. That curse is now operating in language barriers. How?? One says I am of Yeshua, another I am of Jesus. In the carnal Corinthian church they would say---I am of Paul, I am of Peter, I am only of Jesus. This is the flesh. English is Jesus and Hebrew is Yeshua, they are both the same.

Messiah and Christ only mean anointing. Melchisedec is a order of priests not a man's name.

Jesus revealed that when a Jew receives the Lord as the redeemer their eyes will be unveiled. The whole O.T. points to Jesus. They see that better than us Gentiles do. If I say Yeshua he came to do the whole law even better than all Jews ever did. He told them they didn't know all about the law just part. Hebrews chap. one. Now we listen to him. the son. He is greater than all because he is the God -man.

I appreciate your interest in this. Jesus said in Matt. 5: blessed are the peace makers, they shall be called the sons of God. be back soon.