A couple of paintings and sketch

I love the fisherman one :)
Its very peaceful and serene.

Id hang that in my house if I saw it at HomeGoods or something!

Great talent you got!
You have such an amazing talent! You said before you thought you weren't very good - but you definitlely ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you do watercolors or something else?
Thankyou for those kind words! I use various sorts of medium, I started out in Watercolour using a magazine that came out every two weeks and then tried Acrylics, they are nice because you can cover up your mistakes, lol. I often go back to sketching as it refreshes my mind on tonal values and shading. I tried Pastel but in powder form I'm allergic to it so just experimenting with Pastel Oils. Here's a Watercolour I did of a small village somewhere in Hampshire. I am pleased with this one.


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Nice work!

I like the last watercolour village most. Using masking Fluid is a good companion to watercolour as you can preserve areas for your highlights.
If you want more tips I'll be happy to help you.