A day in your life.

You know, we don't keep this portion of the forum active...and what a shame. We can so easily and conveniently post pictures.

This thread is an invite to post a picture (or a bunch) of a day in your life. What you did, what you ate, what you saw, etc.

Today, the missus and I took a trip to Berkeley Springs, WV for their Apple Butter Festival. Pictured is a Peruvian lady trying to pass for an American Indian. The apple butter smelled incredible.

I think today's story would be the ambulance coming for my father (mother is with him at the moment and keeping me informed, seems like they want to keep him in for a couple of days) but I didn't have the camera out...

The last time I really got anywhere to take a couple of pics, I posted in the Red Arrows thread.

Of course I can find things in the garden though and like your idea. I've possibly done too many birds but I've just nipped outside and will offer this one I've just taken (cropped a bit again).

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I don't have anything from today, but these are from last Thursday while I was in London on business. Found out that my hotel was right next to John Wesley's house...

I like how the light comes through the trees in the top photo. Excellent shot.

It's certainly an interesting effect.

Maybe useless info to you but in case you don't know (I know my brother didn't a few weeks ago), It seems to be because the difference in the brightest parts and the darkest parts are to great. You'd either (as looks to be the case here) wind up with some of the picture over exposed or some of the picture too dark. An easy way round this found on a number of cameras these days is to use a HDR setting. This will automatically take say 3 pictures at different exposure settings and then attempt to create one picure with all the bits "correctly exposed" from the three. Of course with it taking multiple shots, things need to be still and there may be times when you actually want the effect without HDR.
what happened?
Me and my dad were hiking through this type of terrain

We got split up. I made it back to the start point but after waiting 5 hours for him it started to get dark so I had to call search and rescue to find him. They found him around 12am. He had went 5 miles in the wrong direction.
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