A Father's Love

A Father's Love

This is so inspirational... I cried :crying_anim:through the whole thing.

This is a perfect example of an earthly Father's love for his child. Look at this Father and think again of what our Heavenly Father did for us.

It also really goes to show, that all things are possible through Christ. This Father is in his 60s and did this totally for his son (not many of us could even think about a running a marathon, much less a triathlon). Awesome.

Blessings, Cheri

:(:( This is so beautiful and sad and sweet all at once. Thank you sis. Yesterday my dad would have been 48, i don't remember anything about him, i was 8 when he was killed in an accident.. i always missed that part of my life. but, the LORD filed it fo me:) Love ya sis
I'm so sorry you lost your Dad Sis, that must have been hard.

I can tell you this, he is very proud of how you turned out...of this I'm certain. His little girl grew up to be a beautiful person inside and out.

Love ya too.