A Levitating train

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Thats pretty cool.

I remember years ago, some country were testing this technology, it was suposed to be the future, I don't think we have it yet lol.
Ya, I remember all those cool new inventions that you saw in the '60s and they disappeared forever. It seems like we take forever for things to modernize.

But then, I don't even know how to set my cell phone to the right settings without depending on my children's help, so maybe i should be thankful. :D


When super conductivity becomes pratical it will revolutionize every part of your life (except spiritual).
I forget which comedian I was watching...

"...they said by the year 2000, we were all going to have our own flying cars. Pffft! Time's up! Where's my flying car? I want my flying car!"


Anyway - The magnet thing is cool! There's another video floating around out there, Bo...shows practically the same thing. But if you dip both magnets to be supercooled, then you can pick them up and they'll stay with each other. Turn it upside down, they'll still hover nearby. It's cool.:)