A look at Jeremiah 46:13-28; Matt 25:1-46; John 19:31-37

JER 46:13-28

600 years later, after the fall of Egypt at Passover, disaster strikes against, this time, YHVH uses Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon as instrument of destruction against Egypt, seems like Egypt was not humbled after the Passover experience. You would think that the pharaohs that rose to power after the time of Passover would have realized the author of Egypt's destruction, but seems like they did not, a hard heart is hard to break at times.

Egypt, however, was used by God to harbor Yeshua's family, (Mary, Joseph, and our Messiah) during the time of King Herod, who sought to kill him. There in Egypt, the family lived for a number of years, perhaps using the gold that the Maggi brought when Messiah was born. Finally, the family moved back to Israel. Hosea 11:1 states " Out of Egypt I called my son" We can see two events. When the Israelites left Egypt during the Passover, and when Yeshua left Egypt with Mary and Joseph. I would think that this refers to the later.

There are people today that have hardened hearts, that still resist the will of YHVH, to become sons of God, servants of Yeshua, talmidim, at times, God will humble us through accidents, illnesses, etc.. don't wait for that to happen, HUMBLE THY SELF IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD! He loves you and wants you as his own!

MAT 25:1-46;

”The Ten Talents” A “talent” was a “weight” of money thousands of years ago. It was a lot, one could have a “talent” of gold, or silver, or copper, brass, bronze, etc. And like money today, it could be invested, or wisely spent,

We also use the word “talent” as something that we have, like an “ability” to do good. As believers, we all have “talents” or “abilities” given to us through the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit), with which to serve our LORD and Savior on earth. But, like the evil servant in the parable, who did nothing with his talent, only buried it, there are believers today who are doing the same. Many have more than one talent, or “spiritual gift” and they are not using it (or them). They are going to waste, or are squandering them in “things of the world.

Can you sing? Yes, are you singing for God? Can you write? Are you writing for God? Can you teach? Are you teaching God's word to others? Can you play an instrument? Are you playing for the LORD? Think about the talents you have. How are you using them?

John 19:31-37

This talks about the Eve of Pesach, since part of this Parasha is all about Passover, it is fitting that these verses be read. The bodies of the two criminals and that of Yeshua were to be taken down from the crosses where they were crucified. The scripture says “cursed is he who hangs on a tree, (from Deuteronomy 21:22,23)

Yeshua already carried our “curse” and that of the two thieves. All was accomplished during that special Passover. It also states that a Roman soldier pierced the side of Yeshua with a spear, and out came blood and water which was proof that He was really dead.

The blood and water have special symbolism. The blood symbolizes the wine which we drink during Passover, and during the beginning of each sabbath. Symbolically, we are invited Yeshua to come inside of us, and continue to be part of our lives.

The water is Yeshua who is the “Living Water” the blood also symbolizes “life” so through His death, we have “Life” and that is “Life Eternal”.

“They shall look upon Him whom they pierced” (vs 37) One day in the future, Yeshua will return in the clouds of Heaven, and “ALL” will see Him coming, “They” means “All” even those very soldiers who pierced Him, with the flagellum and with the spear, will SEE HIM someday soon. And ALL will have to answer for their actions.

Shavua Tov Have a blessed week. Ben Avraham

Awaiting a morning snack, the LORD will provide