A.M.V. Anime Music Video

I wanted to get some opinions on this subject as to whether its a bad thing to make or not. There are some people who say that making anime music video's is technically stealing profits from the music, and anime industry. They say its is technically stealing even if you bought, and own the song and show, because you dont technically own the rights to it. When in fact it actually helps promote both industries to make a greater Profit.

Yet this is happening in the U.S only, and several artists actually like it when there music is promoted. The people who say that you can not do this dont retain any value within any of these shows. It is people within the music industry that say "you can not do that", even if the artists are for it, and say they dont care. The lawers wont let them. In Japan it is perfectly legal to do this because it helps both industries to make more money.

The main reason I think they are against this is because of greed! What do you think?


I am sorry to say I know little on the subject Dave.


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In the early days of this, there really weren't a lot of laws to govern it. Originally, American's weren't really buying much Anime, so there wasn't much effort to controlling the copyrights. Most weren't even internationally recognized anyway at the time. I had even met some publishers that ENCOURAGED it.

But, times have changed. Anime, while not as big in the US as it is in Japan, is still pretty huge now. Some companies care, others don't. Mostly, I kinda feel that if you aren't in any way profiting from it, and are just sharing with your friends, it's not a huge problem. You could always make sure you fade out or cut the song early (like they do on the radio) if you think it's a problem.