A Matter of Taste

May 15, 2007
My friend, Billy Bob, his wife and six kids have fallen on hard times with this here pandemic thing. He lost his job at the sawmill 'cause no one is buyin' lumber and the unemployment money ain't enough to feed the family. Billy Bob was out huntin' to put food on the table, and shot a Federally protected Loon out by the lake. A Warden seen this and arrested Billy Bob. He was taken in to see the Judge and the Judge asked him why he shot a Loon? Billy Bob told the Judge about loosin' his job and all, and how he was havin' trouble feedin' the kids. The Judge felt sorry for Billy Bob and was thinkin' about just givin' him a warning. Then the Judge said, "Off the record, what does Loon taste like." Billy Bob looked up at the Judge, and said, "Well, sir, it tastes a lot like Eagle."

Billy Bob is due for parole in October, 2026.

Via dolarossa

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Sep 22, 2016
Lordie Land
Hello there young lady - I recon that Loons are called "Divers" in your country - same bird, different name. But they are all protected under Migratory Bird Protection Laws in most countries.


That I never knew!
We call people loons here in the U.K. for being a bit crazy.
It’s funny how we are all different in our words even though we speak English
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