A New Life Has Come

Before Jesus came,people lived in a covenant,the context of which,was the law(the do nots) and with this came,judgement.Therefore,whoever transgressed,received an immediate judgement.For instance,one caught in adultery,is stone to death.So,through the law,death reigned.
Till date,God made,three covenants with His people-
(1)Covenant of blessing:His covenant with Abraham,sealed with the blood of man,in circumcision-Gen17
(2)Covenant of judgement:His covenant with Israel in Exodus,sealed with the blood of animals.
(3)Covenant of Grace:The new and everlasting covenant,sealed with the blood of God,in His Son,Jesus.
Of all three, the 2nd,was weak,it was sealed,with the blood of animals,hence,no cost,on man and on God.The first,cost man his blood,through circumcision while the third,cost,the blood of God,in His Son.So it was not possible for the 2nd covenant,to save,for salvation,is not,in the blood of animals.Therefore,all were sinners,by the law.So the temple of God,had to be a physical structure,outside,the sinful man,even though,God came to dwell with man.
This was an era,Christ came to put an end to,that a new life,may begin,for all.A life,where mercy,triumph,over judgement,that the same sin,which would have led to death,would be an occasion for mercy and grace to be manifest-Jn8:3-11
Christ didn't die,that sin may be removed from among us,but that we may have dominion and victory,over sin.That the captive may be the captor.That righteousness,sin had denied us of,maybe achieved in us,in the very face of sin.That the temple of God may be us,Holy of holies,within us and the presence of God,in us.This is the new life,welcome on board