A Wee Present from God

Just recently, my wife and I came through and out the other end of a long and difficult trial in our lives which exercised our faith to the limits and beyond however as always, God used those circumstances to instruct us, build our faith and know Him more. It was an extremely difficult time though and it's been a season which we've experienced before and, true to past experience, God not only blessed us in our Spiritual Life and our practical life but after the season, we received a little gift from Him as a reward. So our family are now the owners of a small 20 foot boat complete with outboard, it can sleep the two of us and our two small children and we hope to get as much use on the sea, fishing and camping out at Loch Ness on our frequent trips to the Highlands.

Those of you who know me will know that 'I'm no health, wealth and prosperity' teacher but I am a preacher of a God who knows how to give good things to His Children in every area of their lives. I wake up with Jesus on my mind and go to sleep with Him on my mind making sure I include Him in every part of my life for whatever need there is and He meets us there to instruct us and give us great wisdom in dealing with life's up and downs. I've never seen God let us down yet, even when I'm faithless He's faithful and He does what He says He's going to do every time despite my complaints and I believe all He wants from His Children is that Primary Result of the Cross; a true, lasting and personal relationship with Him on a daily basis.

Be blessed and remember to include God in every part of your life and talk to Him, just talk to Him as you are and He will meet you where you are and provide your every need Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and materially...