A woman at my church

Nov 2, 2007
A woman at my church

Please pray for this woman who went to my church last Sunday. Her name is Keiko. She said she doesn't speak much English yet, and just recently came to my state. I think she is very, very close to finding the Lord. She says she has a Christian friend and she wants to know why she has that joy in her live. She wants to know about what it's about, where it all comes from. She said she tried going to American-style churches but due to her lack of the English language, she couldn't understand it much. Just recently she had heard how there was a Japanese Christian church (the church I go to) only 10 minutes drive from her house. (God's provision! Woo-hoo!!) She wants to come again next Sunday. Please, please keep her in prayer. She's so nice and I think is really searching.