Abiding Faith – Mjs

We do not give flight to faith, but rather it gives flight to us. As air gives flight to the eagle’s wings (flight is impossible in a vacuum), so is faith (impossible without the Word of God) moved by the Spirit of God within the believer. Faith never originates from within but always from without, even in application after its inception. We did not have faith before we came to Christ, and we do not keep it after having come to Him, because how faith originated (from the Spirit—Gal 5:22; 1 Cor 2:13; through the Word—Rom 10:17) is how it is kept (Luke 22:32; Jude 1:24). One does not come to faith without first understanding what Scripture teaches concerning it (by the Spirit), thus one is regenerated (saved) simultaneously with the inception of faith.

“Let us not be weary in well doing” (Gal 6:9), but also let us not be “heavy laden” (Matt 11:28) from not “laying aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us” (Heb 12:1).

“Let us lay aside every weight; or burden; every sin, which is a weight and burden to a sensible sinner, and is an hindrance in running the Christian race; not only indwelling sin, but every actual transgression, and therefore to be laid aside; as a burden, it should be laid on Christ; as a sin, it should be abstained from, and put off, with respect to the former conversation: also worldly cares, riches, and honors, when immoderately pursued, are a weight depressing the mind to the earth, and a great hindrance in the work and service of God, and therefore to be laid aside; not that they are to be entirely rejected, and not cared for and used, but that the heart should not be set upon them, or be over anxious about them.” JG

“All ye that labor, and are heavy laden:” meaning, not these who are laboring in the service of sin and Satan, are laden with iniquity, and insensible of it: these are not weary of sin, nor burdened with it; nor do they want or desire any rest for their souls.

“But such are meant who groan, being burdened with the guilt of sin upon their consciences, and are pressed down with the unsupportable yoke of the law, and the load of human traditions; and have been laboring till they are weary, in order to obtain peace of conscience, and rest for their souls, by the observance of these things, but in vain.

“These are encouraged to come to Him, lay down their burdens at His feet, look to, and lay hold by faith on His person, blood, righteousness, and sacrifice; when they should enjoy that true spiritual consolation, which could never be attained to by the works of the law.” JG