Abortion: Is this what you mean?

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You will find this a very hard read for those of us who have had abortions and, without counselling, you probably should not even read it. I would like to start a thread about Christians who were talked into having an abortion before they knew Jesus and how they face it when others talk about it like this.

I know you in no way intend to be cruel by posting this, Bo, but it is a really delicate subject for those who have made mistakes like this. I was just lucky that I was able to have children later and didn't bleed to death during a procedure, ever.

I am glad N. Dakota passed this law and it sounds like a big step in the right direction. Sweets


It was certainly meant as a wake up call for the Christian community and not to condemn anyone. We have all made terrible mistakes and without Christ we are all guilty. In Christ we are new creations and old things are passed away much to the glory of God.
This world is a cruel, cruel place.
Literally, just thinking about how much PAIN you're putting those CHILDREN through is enough to make you SICK. And, then the thought that this is going on now is worse.
But let's hope God forgives them, for they do not what they are doing.
i know this is a touchy subject, but it is better to talk about it then shove it under the rug...especially if you have been through it. the best way to prevent others from making the same mistakes as you is to teach them about it. don't concentrate on the mistake you made, but on the good you are doing by making others aware of the consequences of their actions (people with first hand experience are the best teachers of them all).