Acursed Trojans!

Acursed Trojans!

K so I'll be honest, I hardly ever do virus/spybot/everything else scanning so I no doubt brought this upon myself. Apparently I downloaded a particularly strong trojan into my System32 folder and now I cannot shutdown fully unless manually pushing the buttun, cannot restart, all the restore points have vanished, cannot connect to internet and cannot boot from CD so as to just plain redo the entire OS (pushing F8/F12 during startup screen is nonexistant now). I have the OS installation disk and can redo the OS from disk once computer is fully on, however it asks for a authoration/authenticity Key which is on a Certificate of authenticity which I no doubt I lost ages ago. I'm using a Windows XP OS and am just lost for what to do. :(
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Typically the Number is on the cd case the disc comes in but often it is also on the side of the computer housing.
There are a number of freeware programs designed to recover that info but I have not tried them so I cannot vouch for them. Here are a couple if you want to try them. One issue you cna have is the factory istallation may have a differnet key then the recovery CD though. Another issue is that you must be able to boot your PC to use these.
Thanks ton Boan, I've used that product Key before but I probably would have never had guessed it is the une I needed for this. I'm redoing the whoal OS and things look great. had to delete everything on that comp, lost all pics and music, but since msot of it was also on this machine it's not a big loss. Thanks for the help and I'll look into that anti-virus thing Jeff.

Thanks again!:D:israel:


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Don't download email attachments, unwanted softwares or documents and try not to share your computer on a network. Also if you have to transfer something from a friend, use your own usb-drive and scan it before you transfer files into yours. Update your anti-virus and do a quick scan whenever you think its necessary. If someone browses on your machine make sure he/she does not download much.

I can't afford to lose my documents. All CFS related source files, backups, personal documents etc are on this one laptop. I think its high time I get a new backup hard drive. :D