Apr 20, 2015
When you car breaks down or isn’t running right, take it to your local hospital emergency room and get the repairs done by the on duty trauma surgeon who has been taught in the absolutely most cutting edge medicine, while the ER nurse hooks up an IV and takes your car’s vital statistics.
Your car will be running like a dream in no time flat.

If you want a new paint job or a new engine for your car (it should have the best), take it to the most popular bakery you can afford.
The head chef will fix you up a new engine using the latest recipes and he’ll have his assistants slap on a fresh layer of frosting to cover up all the old paint, scratches, and dings.
Your car will be looking and running like new in no time.

In reality if someone told us to do those things we would be more than a bit skeptical about their intelligence and likely (if we were being polite) just walk away quietly.

We would examine such advice and advertisement with a very critical eye (after all, what do bakers and medical people have to do with fixing cars), but when a ‘fresh’ way of doing things hits the church how many of us examine that new way with such discernment.

How many of God’s children go to chemical, pagan, humanist, or non-Christian sources for comfort and support when they are hurting or they do not immediately understand something that God is showing them?

When you car needs work you go to someone that knows cars and has the tools needed to work on them.

Child of God, when you are hurting, go to God.
Seek His will and His word.
Seek out and counsel with others who serve Jesus.
Trust in Him and Him alone.

Apply the same common sense to your faith that you would to getting your car fixed.

Otherwise, you’re just complicating things and making everything harder (or even impossible) to deal with.