Afraid Of Mental Illness :/

What brought it on was the promo for the saved by the bell commercial I've been seeing.
I was excited because I really liked the showed, one of my favorites was Lisa Turtle and that brought back to mind a magazine she was on the cover of that discussed her spiral from fame due to her illness.

Then, I decided to look at an interview of her on YouTube but my tablet's WiFi is off so it never really loaded...instead I read the comments, and they were so rude and ruthless. Saying the fact she still lived with her mother tipped off the status of her mental health, and how they saw the crazy in her eyes... I think the saddest part is being so gone, you can't help the way you behave or even defend yourself. But those fortunate to be in their right mind ridicule them and exploit them BC they find their manners odd and have been spared their they don't have to understand.

Then I searched Amanda Bynes and felt saddened especially since I grew up on the Amanda show..
Idk, its just scary spiraling mentally and even more so when your faith can't always save you...
from what you fear most.
What really got me was when they said the fact she's not married or has kids should tell you something.

As if having a spouse or kids meant you're emotionally stable... there are plenty of spouses/ parents that really shouldn't have had kids or been married..

IDK, humans are a trip.
Well, the child of God is this, so HOLD ONTO this verse:

2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Power: the miraculous power
Love: the "I'll die for you" kind of love
Sound Mind: self-control, moderation

If you believe this, let "them" believe what they want about someone, God says otherwise. Yes, we MUST believe in the heart, not just an exercise in intellect. I hope this helps.