After the Storm

After the Storm

I know this really doesn't have much to do with Christianity, but I felt "inspired" to write something about after a storm. After it's finished, you can let your imagination work for itself. ;)

And the rain stopped, the wind slowed, and the thunder's rumbles grew fainter and fainter. The air was thick with moisture, but a coolness and a steadiness was coming upon the plains. All in those quiet moments, birds peeked cautiously from up under tree leaves still dripping with dewdrops. They stretched their wings out in joy and began singing a joyous song to the other animals in the forest:

Friends, friends,
The storm is over!
The rain has ceased, the wind has silenced,
the thunder has quieted, the sun is coming.
Come, friends,
friends of the wood.
For the storm has calmed,
and it is time to appear!

And at the bird's call the animals came out from hiding. They snorted, growled, whinnied, barked, howled, and mewed. Enjoying the end of the long dreary days of wetness.

And the sun came out.
The clouds parted as breezes high up near the snow-covered mountains, revealing a bright sun. Brighter than ever before. It was nearly sunset, and the sun's great brillance lit up the whole valley with a warm welcoming.

Two eagles came up from the canyon, circling, crying joyous songs and enjoying the breeze in their golden feathers. The air was crisp and clean, so wonderful. The deer and her children grazed tentavily on the dark green shoots of grass appearing, and raised their heads up to look at the circling eagles.

They had so long underestimated the beauty of their forest. But now they realized the joy they felt towards it's great beauty, the beauty of the sun and the open sky and fresh wind.

It was such a blessing, their beautiful forest.

A wonderful blessing from God.