Alligator Shoes

Alligator Shoes

My friend told me this one yesterday...

A city girl walked into a store in a small Florida town and saw that they were selling alligator shoes.

"How much?" she asked.

"Three-hundred," the guy told her.

"Three-hundred dollars!" she screamed. "I could go out and get an alligator around here for free!"

The man gestured towards the door..."be my guest."

Several hours later, the store guy was driving home from work and he saw the same girl struggling, neck-deep in a swamp. She was hauling an alligator out of the water, but there were already four or five alligators lined up on shore.

Curious, he stopped and watched.

The girl huffed and struggled, got the alligator to shore and threw it over on its back in the grass.

"Darnit!" she screamed. "This one's not wearing any shoes either!"

:D If she isn't careful she will be wearing an alligator suit!:p