Alone, the Christian life

The true Christian life is a lonely one. The Bible is full of scriptures on this. You'd better draw as close to Him as you can for He's the best friend you'll ever have. There are multitudes of lonely people, many many of them true Christian believers. It is a part of the firey trial that is to try us so think it not strange. God will work qualities into you through this experience of loneliness. Jesus knew it very well. Who did He have to confide in but the Father?

Not long after I'd been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit I was out praying one night pouring my heart out to God. (Psalm 62:8)

After awhile I found myself slowly nodding my head up and down in a yes motion and saying over and over "you felt these same things, you felt these same things" you He told me in my spirit that He knew exactly what I was feeling. The loneliness, the separation from the world, the ache to draw nearer to God and crawl up into His lap and let Him rock me in His big rocking chair while I lay my head on His bosom. Draw near to Him in your loneliness. He really really knows how you feel.

During the worst moments of my life, in those times when my life was in imminent danger of coming to an abrupt end in the next few seconds, I found that there was only one being in the entire universe that was truly with me in those lonely moments, and that being was God.

It is such a comfort to know that He is always with me, and that with God in my life, I am never, ever alone - not in the dead of night while others sleep, not in the heart of seemingly impossible situations while I struggle to find a safe escape, not as an anonymous face in the endless sea of humanity - not ever am I alone while I hold His hand and am held safe in His perfect love. :love: