Am I Worry My Daughter Too Early?

My daughter (6 years old) has a male friend who is always lunch together (that kid's mother both are not christian).
That kid seems rude and always bad temper and my daughter always treat him nice (even sometime he hit her). This relationship is about 3 years (in kindergarden).

Now they will go to same primary school and My wife and I both start to worry:
1) Are we need to seperate them?
2) if my girl tolerance such kind of rude friends, I am really afraid she will choose this kind of boys to marry.

I hope my daughter choose christian and a good guy!!
It's a little early to worry about whom she will marry as she has a lot of learning and growing between now and then. But, it is not too early to teach her about appropriate friendships and being safe. While it is commendable that she treats others with kindness, it is not okay that she suffers abuse and it is the responsibility of adults to see that she is safe. I would have a talk with the teachers or school administrators about this problem and see what can be worked out. Separation would be a good start. She needs to have an environment of safety in which to learn her academics and to grow as a person. It can be very damaging to a young child to be in an environment of constant stress and abuse.

If this problem is taken care of now, and she is taught how to manage healthy relationships as she grows up, she will likely make a good choice about whom to marry. Even as adults, though, children can benefit from the insight and guidance of their parents.
Thank you for your comments! agree that she need to have more healthy relationship. Now we encourage her to play more with other friends and hope she enjoy with those relationship.
That doesn't mean you should separate them. Shes 6 and she might just be trying to make some new friends. Or the child doesn't have many friends and she is just being nice. I agree with Rumely it is awfully early to be worried about who she marries. I'm sure she'll grow up to be a good person, and marry a good guy. Only time will tell.