Amens' love for us.

Amen(rev 3:14) loved us into existence.He loved us before and after our choice to come to this world.He knew we never had a chance to come into this world and not be taken over by its ways.He created us to be his friends and to co-create with Him.We chose to leave Him out of jealousy-envy because the deceiver promised we would become like God knowning good and evil.(gen 3:5).God acknowledged part of the decievers' promise (he always uses some truth in his deceptions) by saying man has become like one of US,to know good and evil.(gen 3:22-24).The flaming sword is removed by living the way,truth,and life of our Lord Amen(rev 3:12).Amen gave us the keys to heaven-no violence,no lust,and no greed.These are the three main spirits of the tree of knowledge that create all separation from Amen.By not adding our wills to any combination of these three spirits in faith thru grace we begin our journey of progession into perfection. All praise,honor, and glory go to Amen forever for making all the right moves to ensure we become One with Him again.If we choose and maintain our love for Him thru His gifts,we are re-investing our wills in Amen's Kingdom instead of lucifer's.He is again our source of inspiration not the selfish-self-centered nature we were born into.We can do nothing of our selves but to chose His Will be done forever and ever! ThankYou Amen!