An Astonishing Remedy

Jul 15, 2007
Hudson, FL
I love honey but have to use the sugar free kind because of diabetes. Unfortunately, I'm losing flavor that way, but it can't be helped. Sugar free honey is better than no honey. I use it for eggnog.
Nov 9, 2007
Think about it people-

Picture yourself back in Adam and Eve's time. They are standing in the Garden. God tells them- "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yeilding seed; to you it shall be for meat"- (food).

What most people never realize is, all fruits, vegetables, herbs and more plant yeild, has everything God originally created in each one, to supply our bodies with all the essential nutrients, in the natural form they are needed in, to keep our bodies strong, healthy, growing right, more protected from any disease and keeping all systems of our bodies built up and prepared, working right, uninhibited by outside adverse effects.

But, if we look at what we generally eat mostly in our civilized world, its not so healthy if we read ingredients.

Secondly- Another major attribute to the less healthy state of the human body in general relates directly to man processed foods.

Third- Now, another point few have heard or know of is, alot of the processes, ingredients used in those processes, combinations of some ingredients, certain types of processes effecting ingredients and alot more, have been proven in scientific tests, to be detrimental to our bodies.

But, the "FDA" has "set standards", concerning the level of toxisity of particular ingredients, wether allowable to be used on the cosumer market or unexceptable.

For many ingredients man makes to supposedly improve the foods we raise, if the toxic levels are low enough they are not considered seriously dangerous, they are allowable. Even if they still do leave minor residual levels of toxic build ups in our bodies.

If man was more concerned with going back to old simpler ways to raise and process foods, we wouldn't have many so called- "diseases" attacking our bodies. Naturally grown and fertilized foods are so much healthier to eat, thus for our bodies to digest, without putting impurities in our bodies that surround, coat, or build up in our cells to cause them to not operate correctly.

I've studied this alot more in the last 7-9 years and found many foods are not "cures" as some doctors or researchers have claimed, but thier natural nutrients were originally mean't by God for us to help our bodies, all along.

It takes just over a year, for each cell inour bodies to be replaced by its new one. When we eat foods that are naturally grown and processed simply and prepared, we would get more of the true natural nutrients that would keep our bodies cleaner, purer, thus operating more normally without toxic things coming in with the foods that slowly ill effect cellular operations.

God Bless!!
Aug 10, 2007
Austintown, Oh
Early study touts honey as antibiotics substitute - Yahoo! Canada News

Early study touts" HONEY " as an antibiotic substitute.

Amazing isn't it that all the natural things are finally coming front and center.
I was into microbiology back in my early days - centuries ago, but then it was common knowledge that honey was a bacteriostatic substance. That is it does not promote or allow the growth of bacteria. I have never heard of it being an antibiotic - so that is new to me.

In ancient times if bodies had to be preserved for transit - especially in warm climates - they would be packed in honey as a preservative because of its bacteriostatic effects. Also, the Roman army used honey as part of a concoction to treat wounds with.

I always thought of it as an inhibitory substance - guess it is more than that.