Angels Unawares


Angels Unawares

Have you ever wondered if there was something, or someone, there? Youknow, after a major decision that placed you under ridicule and attackfor choosing what was ethical, right, moral, or true.

That clear goodnight's sleep, that sense of peaceful well being, and that sense ofGod's care and presence are not imagined. While some have made angels apreoccupation or even a replacement for the worship of God, Christians need to know that angels are God's servants sent to serve his faithfulbelievers!

They are the great means of heavenly comfort and supportafter major ordeals. They are the words of encouragement given to us bythe right person at just the right time. They are even in attendancewhen we worship together as God's people. But the point of angels isnot angels; the point of angels is the love of God for us, hischildren.

Let's thank him that he has not left us alone to fight thebattles of faith or to find comfort after the battle has passed. Andlet's join the angels that surround his throne in heaven with praisefor his grace, power, majesty, and faithfulness.

There is a scripture in the bible where it says that angels wait to perform God's Word! That also means that we can "activate" the angels assigned to us by God when we speak God's Word into our life in times of need and trouble! I am comforted by that! There is a painting I once saw in a Christian book store of a little boy sleeping in his bed and 2 very tall angels standing at attention, one on each side of the bed with large, tall spears in their hands. The have large wings that are wrapped around the bed! I love that painting!