Anger & Violence vs. Forgiveness & Caring

Anger & Violence vs. Forgiveness & Caring

The Spirit of Anger, like that legendary descendant of Cain:
Grendle, feeds upon a great emotion of displeasure and pain.

A feeling of injustice, maybe real but more likely just perceived
It is the fruit of unholy work which caused man to be deceived.

For when the ‘Entitlement’ and false ‘Expectation’ lies are believed.
Disappointment extinguishes all joy and Anger’s presence is greatly grieved

By the one in his grip, but even more by those around.
That is unless patience, friendship, and forgiveness abound.

For when angers flare it signals the existence of some incongruency.
Return then to God’s perfect law and communicate with greater frequency.

And ask God to help you take control of your Temper
That you may be free from all the evil of this ancient “Anger” Tempter.

And as ye would that men do to you, do ye to them too.
Beyond your friend, as any sinner, but to your foe, and great rewards accrue.

Yes, love ye your antagonist, do good, lend, & expect not thanks or gain.
Ye shall be His own, for He is kind, even to unthankful, even unto Cain.

Killing is wrong as we all have known from the time of Abel’s slaying
But angry hatred of your brother risks a sentence never staying.

Violence directed toward thy family, friends, and neighbors,
Whether hurling curses, stones, or cabers, are the fruit of Satan’s labors

When dealing with life’s issue’s with one’s furies and one’s fists.
Into the battalion of the hellion Furor one descends and enlists.

Marching with his forces to destroy God’s gift of familial love
When parents, offspring, siblings, and spouse, you handle with a shove.

Listening, respecting, compromising, and forgiving,
Are the ways to make sure your heart and soul will be long-living.

True friendship and societal harmony are quickly lost.
When a town embraces violence and forgets to count the cost.

There are also the sins of vehemence against God and your enemy.
“Whatever you do, even to the least, you do also to me.”

When we forget to love our enemies: Jesus Christ’s command.
We invite the true enemy into our life, our home, our land.

The intimidation of the bully may taunt ' I'm going to kick your ass! '
But if fear or hatred is our response, we've been caught in Gendles Morass.

For how can an enemy be attacked and killed,
When we are all to love him with Holy Spirit filled?

How can enemy blood be spilled when Christ doth decree,
“Whatever you do, even unto the least, you do even unto me? ”

Demonstrate the light you have, place it not under bushel.
For if your neighbor truly love, you’ll show him what is crucial.

And if he smites you on the cheek, take not revenge on he.
‘Eye for eye’ may indeed be just, but mercy from you flee.

But, if the other cheek you offer, you stand your moral ground.
Yielding not your soul or thought or hope, your action then is sound.

No do not judge your neighbor with a stone, and you shall not be judged.
Be so forgiving, and to you His mercy shall not begrudged.

Leave the uncertain wilderness of violence uncharted and unexplored
For all security, all justice, and all vengeance are mine - thus sayeth the Lord.

For even in victory the blessings can be lost, as David found.
When planning the Lord's temple, his bloody hands were bound.

'Oh David you gave the enemies of God great cause to blaspheme'
Let all people learn from this peace, love, and lawful esteem.

'Oh Cain, the reddened Earth cries out, soaked in your brothers blood.'
How many of them have you left in desert sands and war-trench mud?

For a mighty fortress is our God, never failing or deserting
And all shall be healed in Him of war and pain and hurting.

'Violence shall no more be heard in the land', as we obey His loving orders.
'Lord, No wasting or destruction shall be within thy peoples borders.'

'But we shall call thy walls, thy gates, thy rod and staff 'salvation'.
As you defend your people from evil trials and tribulation.'

'You are a shield for those who call, You alone are God, a mighty rock.
You rescued me from stubborn people, all enemy violence did you block.'

'Let us beat our sword into a plough and our spear into a hook'
'Then the nations shall not know war', only Christ's shepherd crook

For the sword he has endowed is one which cleaves only lies.
Let us wield it skillfully, and willfully join His peaceful battle cries.

So onward Christian soldiers! March out as to war.
But armed with only faith, truth, and love of fellow man, for now and evermore.