Anne Frank's Best Friend Says Anti-Semitism Is Still Rife


Anne Frank's Best Friend Says Anti-Semitism Is Still Rife

Anne Frank’s Best Friend Says Anti-Semitism Is Still Rife
The Jewish woman who, as a child, was Anne Frank’s best friend has warned that the shadow of anti-Semitism still hangs over Europe. Speaking at a press conference to mark the translation of her memoir, “My Name Is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank†into English, Jacqueline Van Maarsen, 78, said:

“I am not optimistic. There is a current of anti-Semitism. It is not as bad as it used to be, but I don’t think it will ever stop. I don’t think children know much about the Holocaust. That’s why a book like mine is important.â€

Van Maarsen survived the war because her mother was a Catholic and managed to persuade an official to change her family’s papers. She was the model for Anne Frank’s letters addressed to the fictional “Jopie.â€

She said that she had been reluctant to publish her own account but decided to do so in 1990 after a number of false claims were made about the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary. “I felt I must do something. I wrote for my friend who couldn’t write for herself.â€

(World Jewish Congress, August 14, 2007)

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