Another Poem

Another Poem

Against a endless blue sky
Comes a golden-eyed hawk,
Sweeping fear into the hearts of prey.

Elegance and grace,
no man can compare.
A head colored like the setting sun,
wings laced with golden fire.

And he sits in the trees,
watching and waiting.
Then as silent as the coming wind
He swoops down and catches his prey.

Talons as sharp as razors,
curved and black as night,
a bill as sharp as knives
colored russet, tipped with black.

His golden eyes see far,
far beyond the human vision.

Against a cloudless blue sky,
endless like the ocean sea,
is that golden-eyed hawk.


Alright, my dear girl.
God has blessed you.
I think you should collect your poetry and pictures and make a book!



Your welcome! I like to give vivid descriptions. It's what makes writing more interesting to read.

It really does!

Maybe I should post some of mine sometime here. I'd like to hear what ya'll think. I used to write a lot of depressing and dark poetry, but now I'm trying to write for God. :)


Very nice ," Nearer " Let God help you develop that talent.