Feb 11, 2015
Therefore they said to Him, What sign (miracle, wonderwork) will You perform then, so that we may see it and believe and rely on and adhere to You? What [supernatural] work have You [to show what You can do]?
John 6:30 AMPC

The above Scripture was taken from the passage just after Jesus's diciples fed the 5000. And the people went looking for Him the next day. So they had just witnessed a miracle, and yet they wanted another miracle to prove His trustworthiness and faithfulness.

How many times have we done that as well? For so many times we have had the answer right in front of our face and yet we chose to not believe that it was the right one.

God loves us so much, He is not going to leave us in the dark. For He is very trustworthy and faithful, even when we are not.

God bless!