Antivirus software

I'd love to hear what anti virus software everyone is using. I'm trying out a free version of one called Panda that actually got really high reviews on PC Magazine for catching the most viruses, but it pops up ads to get a paid subscription in the task bar, and I won't have that. I've used Norton and McAfee in the past, but found them to be resource hogs (at least back then). One called Kaspersky gets good reviews too.
Avast! is also a really good one. But I don't use an antivirus software.

You probably should be doing so though.

That said, I'm not running on one the (Linux, where the need for one is more a topic for debate than on Windows - some say we don't need it but at times, I wonder if we can get too blasé about the issue..) desktop PCs at home. The last one I tried on them was AVG free but I had problems with it slowing down Internet browsing.

The only place I'm using anything atm is on email. I pull the emails from our various POP3 accounts onto a local (Cyrus) IMAP server (this gives us a consistent view of emails on the various email applications and devices at home). Incoming email (via postfix and amavis) goes through SpamAssassin and ClamAV.
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I have Countryside Computer Care in my home town. I get computers brought in all the time with McAfee and Norton on them that have infections. (With all the stuff going on with Mr. McAfee I couldn't support his product anyway.) I recently had a PC that was giving the ol' BSOD (blue screen of death.) Guess what was causing it....McAfee! Removed McAfee in safe mode....booted fine. McAfee and Norton literally find their way into every nook and cranny of your PC...they're way too heavy and invasive in my opinion. I use AVAST on my personal PCs (including the one I use for work), and if a customer needs anti-virus I will install AVAST free. I don't charge for AVAST, but I do it during a computer clean up job. Infections will get past AVAST, Norton and what's the difference? With AVAST free you're not out $60-$70 a year. I really like the boot time scan which scans the hard drive in a pre-Windows environment. AVAST also has a browser add-on which helps while surfing. I suggest using AVAST free, using wise internet habits, and knowing the tricks of dealing with an infected PC.
Yeah, I agree with you on Norton and McAfee. Comcast users get Norton for free, so I tried it out, but you are right, it just has too large of a footprint. I haven't tried AVAST in a really long time. I may give it a second look. So far I am really liking Panda though.