Anybody Into Baseball?



Anybody Into Baseball?

I love baseball!

A lot of Christians in MLB like
other sports! Praise the Lord!

Peace Be Unto You,

Hy Brother.

I like baseball. Im a Red Sox fan. But my favorite sport is basketball. The Boston Celtics... :) :D
If you Really want to talk Baseball, may I suggest talking with Brother Setfree. He's Big time into it, and He's a great Brother in the Lord, who has helped me out on more than a few occasions.

Jesus Bless You Bro.

Set Free!

Baseball Nut!

Thank you bluecolarchristian for those kind
words! :D

Oh yeah brothers! Count me in!

I 'love' the game of baseball!

Of course living down here in Houston, Texas,
most are Astro fans,.......... I'm not!! LOL!

St. Louis Cardinals, Mets and Detroit Tigers are
my favorites! Our brother in Christ Albert Pujols

first baseman for the 'Cards'.

He is the best player in the MLB! He gives
Glory to Jesus evertime he smacks a homer!

Mets look like that are going all the way this year!

I'll tell you who else loves the game on this site and
good 'close' friend of mine, 'HisManySongs'!

He is totally a Mets fan! :D

God Bless,

Set Free!

Set Free!

Baseball Roger!

HisManySongs said:
Uh, OK ahem ...

Let's Go Mets!!!

Hey brother WPN-X,

Didn't I warn you about this guy??!! :eek:

Brother 'HisManySongs' is a true lover of the
game of baseball as I and brother bluecolarchristian

Batter Up!!

God Bless,

Set Free!


Go Mets!

What's up Brothers?

Yeah! Mets are cool! :cool:

Could go all the way you think HisManySongs? :confused: :D

Peace Be Unto You All,

Woo Hoo!

I am a born and raised Red Sox fan and I love to talk baseball as it is my favorite sport.

I also hate the Yankees and Johnny Damon.

As you can imagine I am on cloud nine right now since the Yanks started off absolutely terrible.
Baseball is a very thrilling activity. I absolutely love it! :)

~War is just senseless in general. But there will always be war. That is the reality of it. Though war isn't right, it is necessary to reach a goal~
I too love baseball! I'm a HUGE Chicago White Sox fan. I follow in my dad, and grandad's shoelaces with this. :D
I also play softball which is very similar to baseball. Wow! Baseball's just the very great sport of America. :cap: