Anyone want to do something big for Christian teens?

Hello! I'm looking for mature contributors who would like to author articles for my website,
My vision is that this website be a place where conservative Christian teens can find resources for their daily walk with God and encouragement to walk the narrow path.

I am an older teen who has walked many of the fires of being a teen alone, some successfully and others not successfully. I don't want others to be alone, and I want everyone to have the answers and encouragement they need to walk worthy of the Lord.

Right now the site is really ugly. (Like a shriveled carrot nose?) I am first finding a backing of people who are willing to contribute before buying a high-end theme for my site.
I would love to find 5 or more Godly men, women, and teens who would contribute by writing one article a week or so. I'm not sure yet if one person will take a topic and post a weekly update or if I will do it differently. (prabably differently)

If you would be interested, would you please leave a comment below? In the future, there will be an application process to become a writer and you will be screened, but just so I have an idea...
Who is interested?