Are Christians Allowed To Watch, Read, And See Inappropriate Content Just For Laughs?

What do you think of Youtube Poop?

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  • What is Youtube Poop?

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I watch a lot of inappropriate humour, like lewd, violent, and absurd humour. I really like the Uncle Dolan meme, and I watch a lot of Uncle Dolan videos, but not the blasphemous ones. I am currently also watching these Drew Pickles humour videos where Drew Pickles is voiced by Microsoft Sam, and even I make humour videos that contain absurd, violent, and lewd humour and I like to prank people in Omegle by saying something absurd. The absurd things can be lewd things too, but never violent. And I also watch a lot of Youtube Poop videos. Youtube Poop videos are those videos where the original videos are like destroyed by mixing them a lot, and doing glitches with the video softwares and they are also mixed with other videos and sometimes they put some music on those videos and they do other things in the Youtube Poop videos. But I don't like blasphemous humour.

Can Christians watch, read, and see inappropriate humour and tell absurd things only to make people laugh?

Yes, this is what I usually do in the Internet. Laughing at very absurd humour. And don't worry, I am not dangerous even if I watch violent humour, it's just humour and it doesn't teach me to be violent.


Christians can watch anything they want. Now the question is, is it healthy for your spirit? Would you watch these things with Jesus? Do you think they are appropriate?
You left one option off your poll...#4 Why bother?

CD is correct...we are at liberty but is it expedient? What does it say of our maturity? Our capacity for good judgment? Is the person continuously trying to excite and feed the flesh?
Who, or what, is being entertained by violent humor? Which nature is being entertained by violent, lewd, and inappropriate content, your sinful nature or the nature the Holy Spirit wants to put in you? CD asked a great question, would you watch this with Jesus?
Whatever we allow into our mind whether through what we watch, read etc does have an influence and affect us. It all registers in our subconcious, we have images come into our mind from what we watch and see. If you are watching violence for instance those images are there implanted in your mind even after you've been exposed to such things. We should be careful what we allow to come into our minds. We want to have a clean mind and conscience and not to allow just any rubbish enter our minds. What we think about affects our thoughts, which affect our words, which affect our actions and behaviour. Things that are not from God such as crude behaviour an d violence carry with them negative energy which we don't want to be contaminated with.
Finally...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable..if anything is excellent or praiseworthy..think about such things (Philippians 4:8).

You are letting demons in.They will help you have a good time,for a time.But when they start creating havoc,it will take
years to going back to a decent Christian-State.

guard your heart ..
if you enjoy it .. you endorse it ..
and what you agree with in your heart (if sinful behavior you are agreeing with) then defiles you ..

God Bless you ..