Are we moving away and off real Gospel to the Social One now?

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To have a "sin nature" you have to be created by a Father, who has it, himself.

Jesus was created by the seed of God, the Holy Spirit.
The Father of Jesus has no sin, has no sin nature, so, this Holy Spirit SEED that is Holy, created Holy Jesus who had no sin nature.

Jesus is the 2nd Adam, created with the same Spirit that was "One with God" as the 1st Adam had, before he rebelled and gained the loss of his righteousness, which is to be "fallen" or "adamic".

When we are born again by the same Spiritual Seed (the Holy Spirit), that caused Jesus to be born with no sin nature, we arrive back to the original righteousness.......same as Jesus's righteousness.........we possess "the gift of righteousness".
Jesus was and is eternally God, not a created being!
i use to belong to carm forum it is mainly Calvinist forum many in there was rude...... i was called names false teacher strawman post etc . its not hard to understand . yes i could more than hold my own. that has been several years ago.
Well, right now over there we are trying to fight off those bringing in Word of faith false doctrines!


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