Are you right or left brained??

Are you right or left brained??

This is sooo cool! go to and type in "what does this dancer say about you?" its this ballerina, and she is spinning in one direction. if you think she is spinning clockwise, you are right brained which means you think of the whole picture and you are not into details. If you think it is spinning counter clockwise you are left brained which means you are more linear and more into numbers and details! Its so cool!

For me, she kept switching from clockwise to counter clockwise which means I use my whole brain. Focus really hard and try it it is awesome!:rolleyes:


Ahahaha, that's crazy. I had to concentrate to make it go CCW, then after it would only go CCW I had to concentrate to put it back to CW! lol.
Mostly CW for me. I thought I saw her going CCW at one point but then she seemed to go back to CW, no matter how hard I concentrated! No surprise there, I guess! Generally, women tend to be more right brain anyway, but I did notice as I got older that I started to look at things more logically too. Makes for a better marriage and better friendships to try to see both sides of the coin, however, I'm still mostly "girl", which means right brain!:D



I think this thing is rigged to turn different ways anyway. I like Violet claim to be no brained many days so maybe it won't work on me!:D